Hello world!


Testing… this is our inaugural post on Akelapun.

My sister and I will take turns posting on here.

Oh no, not another blog! Right? But there is a Sepia Mutiny-shaped void on the Internet.

I doubt we’ll fill that void because we don’t have that kind of time or visibility. But hopefully we will entertain ourselves and our friends! And deliver some incisive commentary, NATCH!

So, purpose of this blog:

We will try to put something out once every two weeks. If something presents itself in the news, we will write about that. But since Indians tend to be invisible in American media, more often we’ll have to come up with topics to write about. We welcome suggestions from you guys!

Meaning of akelapun:

akelapun: loneliness, alienation

akela pun: the lone pun

a kela pun: a banana pun


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